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How to launch (run) AOE on a *secondary* screen?


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Hi, how can I set AOE1/ROR/AOK/AOC to launch (or run) on a secondary screen in a dual-monitor setup? (instead of primary screen)
Why I need it? I need that my task switcher (while alt tabbing) was not visible, i.e. I need to see no task switcher on the game screen when alt-tabbing during game, and see the task switcher only on the primary (non-game) screen.

I have also tried fiddling with "Start in window-mode", then moving a window etc., but it still launches on primary monitor and/or I cant have full resolution game on my secondary screen.
I have read , but it didnt help me in this situation

When alt-tabbing, Windows task switcher is always shown on primary screen (it can't be changed); so I need AOE to run on secondary screen.

It's all related to dual monitors setup. It's not related to streaming directly, but maybe some of streamers have run into this as well, I guess. Voobly Live Support (CaCha) has sent me exactly to this forum area.

Any voobly experts or streamers to help me, please?

Windows 7
Primary screen resolution: 1024x768 (task switcher would be visible on this screen)
Secondary screen resolution: 1280x1024 (game should be running on this screen with no task switcher visible)

Relevant voobly settings:
Force Desktop Resolution In Game: On
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Sorry for the late response. Try the following:

Change your primary monitor to the secondary display and set your display to Extended mode. This should swap the displays on both your monitors. Then Disable multi monitor mode on Voobly and play the game on your secondary display (which is now your primary display).

Since extended mode is enabled and you are playing the game without multi monitor support on Voobly, you should now be able to use task switcher on your primary monitor(which is now your secondary display)

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