CBA PathBlood 1.4.7


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CBA PathBlood 1.4.7 by Zix


Download: CBA PathBlood 1.4.7.scx

Steam link: [You must login to view link]
AoK Heaven link: [You must login to view link]

Supported game versions:

AoC 1.0
AoC 1.0c
AoC 1.4 RC
AoC 1.5
Forgotten Empires
Forgotten Empires HD
The African Kingdoms HD
Rise of the Rajas HD

Map info:

Map size: 144x144
File size: 177 KB
Triggers: 4046
Conditions: 12805
Effects: 25460


"All Techs" must be OFF!


-200kills/petard, you choose hero

You get a petard after every 200 kills, raze a Palisade Wall to unlock hero (as in PathBlood maps).
Razing a dock costs 3 petards.

-Set spawn gather point anywhere on the map! (Not only close, medium or long!)

Just press . button to go to your gather point, then you can move it anywhere!
If you run not 1.5 version:
Double click on horse behind your base, and right click anywhere on map to set gather point there!

-Turbo mode available (default=Normal)

Host can set game speed Normal or Turbo.
In Turbo mode, spawns will work 67% faster, and pop limit will be 1000.

-No self killing cheat

You won't get kills by killing own or allied units, and you won't get razings by razing own or allied buildings with Siege Onager or Cannon.

-Reworked anti delete system

If you accidentally delete a gate/tower, all enemies will get +1 raze instead of auto booting.
If you raze your own gate/tower with Onager or Cannon, the system will detect as you deleted it!
If you raze your allys gate/tower with Onager or Cannon, the system will detect as your ally deleted it!
Fixed bug you could freely delete when someone else got a raze from someone else.

-Change base

Make castle to other base (only to white area), you will lose old base, and hero and villager spawn will work in your new base. Your king panic will be teleported there if you did not use it yet.
More players are supported in same base too, all of them gets their hero there!
How a 2-player base looks like: Triple base: 3 heroes are created, one after another

-Host can set More bases On/Off (default=off)

Off= you can change base
On= you can have more bases, spawns will work in all of your bases at same time

-Kill counter shows exact number

It shows not only 50, 75 or 100... , it will show the exact number of kills (51, 52, 53...)

-Feed counter (units lost)

Feed counter added next to kill counter, so you can see if you kill more units than you feed.
It shows exact number too.

-Auto research

Every technologies are auto researched in right age, so you don't need to worry
about researches. University and Blacksmith are removed from the game.

-Fair kick area

More than half of players must agree to kick a player. Host can be kicked too.
For example if there are 6 players, 4 must agree to kick one.
If you kick a player, his game will crash so he won't cause lag any more.
Players who have already resigned/defeated can also be kicked.
(So if a lagger loses, but still watching game and making lag, he can be completely kicked now).

-Turn On/Off Hero, Unit and Villager spawns

Turn on/off any of your spawns easily.

-Unit creating will start in the 1st second of the game

You don't need to wait 8-10 seconds for getting units, the game starts instantly.

-Host can set game mode: "CBA PathBlood mode" or "CBA Hero mode" (default=PathBlood mode)

In CBA PathBlood mode, you get a petard every 200 kills to PathBlood area, and you have to unlock a hero by razing a palisade wall.
You can unlock ships too, but razing a dock costs 3 petards.
In CBA Hero mode, there won't be PathBlood area, map will work as a CBA Hero map.

-Host can set hero combination (only in Hero mode)

Eye-Robin-Harald-Charles-GK (classic) or Robin-Theodoric-Charles-Subotai-GK (like in CBA Hero v1.3)

-Host can set Great Khan On/Off (default=off)

All players get a Genghis Khan with improving attack and HP


Pop limit is 300, in Turbo mode its 1000
Every trigger has name, and the triggers are not messed-up, so easy to understand the working of the map
Player start views are in the center of their base, in multiplayer too
Host can set everything only in first 2 minutes, after that all turns into default
Build dock front of the towers (first delete gate, or remove the walls there)
Rebuild Castles (can not build anywhere, only to white area)
Bombard Tower is available in Castle Age
Enabled Fire Tower to build (only in Forgotten Empires and up, it is stronger against Rams than other towers)
If you use your king panic, the ally and enemy objects will be removed from your Scorpion spawn areas, so they can't block you from getting the Scorpions.
Build Workshop in Feudal age, but you can make rams or scorpion from it only when you reach Castle age
Units/heroes on the spawn area are tasked only in the creation second
Enabled creating Scorpions from Siege Workshop
Fully supports African Kingdoms, Rise of the Rajas, and Realms civilisations
The map is fully symmetric, every distance is same, no terrain glitches
Removed 20 Watch Tower limit, you can have unlimited Watch Towers inside base
Make unique unit from Castle
Balanced Magyars, they start Castle Age
Middle bonus is 10 kills/3 minutes, no middle Trebs
If you get a Petard, your window view will automatically go to its location, so you won't forget to unlock a new hero (but this won't work in 1.0c because it could cause game crash)
If you unlock a hero, it will automatically go to the spawn area, and old hero will go away before the new arrives
PathBlood area design: =V= CBA PathBlood

Look my other maps too:
Random Labyrinth
Black Forest Maze
Tic Tac Toe
CBA PathBlood 1.4.7.scx (文件大小: 164.93 KB)
map.jpg (文件大小: 281.66 KB)
2 player base.jpg (文件大小: 636.97 KB)
3 players.jpg (文件大小: 131.82 KB)
Civ properties Realms 1.4.7.xlsx (文件大小: 19.16 KB)

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发布29 August 2016 - 3:57 am
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发布31 August 2016 - 10:31 am
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发布7 February 2017 - 11:08 pm
Can u fill me in how u used horse to set rally point?
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发布9 February 2017 - 4:26 am
Think worked it out very clever
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加入日期: 28 July 2015
编辑16 February 2017 - 4:18 pm通过[MM]_Zix
+[MM]jason wrote:
Can u fill me in how u used horse to set rally point?

The trick is a bit complicated, but I will try to describe how it works:

There is a negative ID horse and 2 positive ID horses at same place. (Positive ID horses needed because you cannot click negative ID units directly. It works with 1 positive ID horse too, but to prevent a bug, 2 needed)

There are 3 hidden mameluke projectiles with same negative ID of the horse in the middle of base. (It works with only 1 too, but to prevent a bug, 3 needed)

These projectiles must be hidden at game start, because only one of them will move and the other two will stay there.

To hide these 3 projectiles at game start, their "Z-position" must be very high (1000).

If you double click the horses, the two positive ID horses will be selected, but the selection will include the negative ID horse too.

If you task the horses, they won't move because of water, but one of the 3 mameluke projectiles (depends on game version) will move where you right clicked, because it has the same negative ID as the horse you tasked. The other 2 projectiles will stay hidden.

The triggers task new units to the ID of this projectile, doesn't matter where it is.

The negative IDs of the horse and projectiles must be very high (-10000000), to prevent the game overwriting the projectile IDs with new projectiles if the game goes too long. It doesn't matter what ID you give for the positive ID horses.

In Trigger Studio, in Units bar, the negative ID horse must be on 1st place and under that there must be the 3 negative ID projectiles. (If the negative ID horse is not on the top of units list, the trick won't work.)
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发布16 February 2017 - 5:38 pm
Ha gondolod, indulj a mapoddal az idei versenyen:
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加入日期: 3 April 2010
发布14 April 2017 - 10:10 am
This is awesome 😂 Lol AOEII scenario hacks are so creative and hilarious. To discover one or invent a new technique is really awesome. Honestly just reading this is making me laugh
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加入日期: 28 July 2015
编辑26 August 2017 - 10:43 am通过[MM]_Zix
1.2.4: The PathBlood area is much more balanced now:

Charlemagne is replaced with Aethelfirth (Charlemagne was too strong, everyone chose that way)
Aethelfirth is replaced with Belisarius (Nobunaga was better than Aethelfirth)
Belisarius is replaced with Charlemagne (the middle way was too weak, so nobody chose it)
Subotai is exchanged with Harald (Subotai is stronger, so now you can unlock Harald first)
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编辑27 May 2017 - 8:45 pm通过[Dvs_]Emissary_
Hello Zix, I hope you don't mind If I try to use your gather point system for my map design CBA Extended Unique Units, so the players can spawn task their castle units anywhere on the map. Full credits given off course =) and a sidenote on the ingenuity of the system, how'd you come up with this? 11
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加入日期: 28 July 2015
发布27 May 2017 - 8:54 pm
Hello Zix, I hope you don't mind If I try to use your gather point system for my map design CBA Extended Unique Units, so the players can spawn task their castle units anywhere on the map. Full credits given off course =) and a sidenote on the ingenuity of the system, how'd you come up with this? 11
Of course, I'll help to import this feature to your map if you want.
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加入日期: 25 July 2008
编辑28 May 2017 - 2:32 am通过[Dvs_]Emissary_
That is very generous of you Zix thank you =)
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战队: Tournament Host
加入日期: 13 June 2013
发布28 May 2017 - 4:22 am
Yeah its pretty awesome Zix was kind enough to add it to my map too. Cheers.
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加入日期: 28 July 2015
编辑10 August 2017 - 3:48 pm通过[MM]_Zix
Fixed bug if you deleted gates/towers very fast, the enemies did not get all razing points (now you can delete all of your gates and towers even in same second, and all enemies will get all of the razing points)
You won't get "Outpost built" messages when you delete a gate/tower (because of different algorythm)
Fixed bug you got extra Villagers when you changed base
You won't get kills if you kill allied units (with Onager or Cannon)
You won't get razings if you raze allied buildings
Added change view again when you get a Petard, but only for version 1.4 RC (it caused game crash in 1.0c)
Minimized chance of free deletes
Updated unit spawn max populations
Enabled change view for HD version too
New units will be tasked only in the creation second
Hay Stacks will be created only if really needed
Minor bugs fixed
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发布10 August 2017 - 3:46 pm
Nice,had great fun ;yahoo

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